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a few member comments....

wholesale music warehouse club usa 951-319-8485

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kelly, would just like to say thanks. my phone and fax have been non stop all day. this is great. i highly recommend the club to anyone looking to expand or start a business. the best investment money can buy.  

 ed bently


thanks for all your help!!! i found the proper documents, filled them out and now i'm waiting for their response. (tax id ) you guys are great thanks for everything!!!
adam laurence - al music


thank you very much for your help, and let your boss know that we said you did a great job!

 steve carslile 


good day kelly, my name is david beatty we talked on the phone last night and i signed up for the gold package and i have also sent an e-fax to the number that you had given me. i just wanted to touch base with you and make sure that you had received my business license. thank you for all your help that you had giving me. your knowledge and personality is what sold me, and the fact the you guys carry darn near everything. again thank you for your help and i look forward to working with you in the future.


david beatty jr.


hi kelly,
thank you so much for helping me get set up with wholesale music warehouse. i must say your website is very impressive, though i have only started to search through it. i downloaded the picture files and the excel sheet. i do have a question before i really get rolling with this. 
in regards to your site, now that i have the excel doc & picture files, can i start placing the pics and descriptions up onto my website now or do i need to contact anyone before i do that. and if so, will i use the "purchase direct" link on your site when i place orders for things that sell on my site?
i will start to contact the distributors you mentioned that will service the home-based business shortly. thanks again for all your help and i look forward to hearing from you soon.
mike c.
nite w 2006  llc 



i am looking for a few names that will drop ship for me. would you help me out? thanks, roger.

p.s. i don't know why i didn't get this drop ship membership from you sooner. this thing is unbelievable. great work. later.

 roger cline    


rob, thank you. it has really been a pleasure doing business with you.

 alex van husen                                                                                        faq 


hello kelly,
thank you for your hard work and time.
 julio h.     f&f designs


hello again kelly,

thanks for sending the faxes out to all your distributors. i received a great deal of literature from many of them. your help is greatly appreciated.


john d.     superior-soundz 


thank you very much.  after speaking with rob today and having my fax braodcast completed,  my phone never stopped ringing. by the end of the day i was all talked out. i really do thank you for your services. you guys are great and i hope to do business with you in the future. if there are any questions left please feel free to contact me.  j.j.  boom  

kelly i really appreciate you taking the time to check in on me!

 thanks again, dan g.    


hey, i recently signed up for the gold wholesale package, the faxes and mail from suppliers are coming in steadily. your highly recommended.  thanks

m. whitworth jr.       m.w. house of sound    

first of all let me just say that you guys are amazing!!! the resources you provide are great! please bare with my stupid questions as i am the new kid on the block here in toronto, canada. i just started my business and i'm trying to build relationships with good people like yourselves. any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated!     

thanks guys, keep up the good work!!

todd s.    

hello again kelly & rob,

business is great! i've established so many new relationships thanks to your service. would you mind telling me (if you know) which distributor carries cerwin vega products? i got the binder you sent me yesterday....very cool, thanks.

please stay in touch.

kent r.    
i just wanted to thank you for your speedy response i really appreciate it. have a wonderful day, and thanks again.
ricardo c.   
thanks kelly, we've already had numerous contacts!

tom l.
vice president
p. concepts
questions?   951-319-8485:::speak to wholesale music warehouse yourself::::     

kelly -     i must say that the wholesale club is by far the best resource system  i have come across.    keep up the good work . 

benny s.


hi there rob,
my name is david,  i signed up with you guys a little over a year ago and i would like to thank you for all your valuable information that you have given me. the broadcast fax was great!

david ramidzan



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